The Ubiquitous Texan (recreateme) wrote,
The Ubiquitous Texan

The Rocket Summer/Hellogoodbye/Yellow Second concert last night was soo crazy!

After Yellow Second played, Jacque and Allison and I (and Brady and Kevin) all of the sudden got a lot closer to the stage, though I don't really know how. haha. Hellogoodbye was absolutely crazy, everyone was like jumping and shoving and dancing. I got pushed around a lot but it was still fun. Hellogoodbye was amazing! The only disappointment I had was that they didn't play the Prom song! But they played Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn and Touchdown Turnaround and Bonnie Taylor Shakedown 2k1 and Homewrecker and Call 'N' Return and Dear Jamie...Sincerely Me and a couple new ones and I don't remember what else. They were so awesome. I love them.

After Hellogoodbye Allison, Jacque, Brady, and Kevin got out of the nasty sweaty group of people because they needed water and air. I was getting really close to the front though so I decided to stay. haha. So I ended up being alone for a lot of The Rocket Summer. Anyway, I got pretty close to the stage, but I ended up being surrounded by really tall guys so I still couldn't see (or breathe) too well! haha. Anyway, when Bryce and the rest of the crew came on, everyone went like totally insane. Completely different crowd than the last one, where everyone was so mellow. Bryce definitely liked it more, but I was just a tad more uncomfortable this time. haha. I think he started with Around The Clock. Practically the entire show, everrrryone was jumping, pushing, shoving, dancing, crowd surfing, yelling. It was insane in there, especially since I was up front.

The show was awesome. Bryce was so cool as usual and I could tell he definitely enjoyed himself more than last time. Some kid crowdsurfed onstage and Bryce like started cracking up. And for I Was So Alone, Bryce pulled like ten people onstage to sing the song, and he almost picked me but then one of the dang tall guys near me had driven from Corpus Christi, so he picked him instead. Poo. And like no one up there even knew the words to the song, and when they did, they were singing them at the wrong time! haha. At one point Bryce like looked at one of the kids who was up there and he was like "Get off stage, man, you don't even know the words!" haha.

Of course Bryce crowd surfed and had people make a hole so he could jump offstage and dance around (although he didn't really get a hole this time because people were rushing to get by him). When he was crowdsurfing, everyone was shoving and stuff so they could get near him and touch him or something, and I totally got pushed forward and I totally accidentally grabbed Bryce's hair 'cause I was trying to get my balance! It must have hurt! haha. And his hair was all like greasy and everything from his gel and sweat.

But I think one of the craziest parts of the night was at the beginning of Saturday. That was one of the songs that was requested since after a little bit Bryce decided that he was just gonna play whatever people wanted. Some kid got up on the stage and jumped off. Either he did it twice, or two different guys did it once. But either way, he hit me in the face both times he jumped off. The first time I was okay, but the second time I got a bloody nose! haha! I was like oh whoa dude! So that was when I finally got out of the huge crowd. I went and got a paper towel and I bought some water. I called Amy Ragz and ran into her at the merch table. We both got a Hellogoodbye bag and I got some Hellogoodbye buttons and some Rocket Summer buttons. Then I just kind of hung out in the back for the rest of the show before I found Jacque and Allison at the end and we headed out.

I definitely can't remember what order he played songs in because I was much too distracted by the people shoving me around and I don't have that good of a memory, but he played Cross My Heart, Skies So Blue, This Is Me, Saturday, That's So You, TV Family (that was very heavily requested), I Was So Alone, Around The Clock, I'm Doing Everything (For You), Never Knew, Brat Pack, Treasures, Story, and I know that he played Show Me Everything You've Got last. It was soooooo good.

And I got my first concert injury!!! It's like a rite of passage! I'm surprised I made it through so many crazier concerts before this without getting hurt. haha.

I hardly got as many pictures this time as last time (last time I got literally over 50 good pics, this time I got less than 30 reasonably good pics) since people were so crazy this time and I wasn't right at the front, but it's all good. I put some of the pics up on my Xanga.
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